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How to Buy

Purchasing Visiport spin window systems, including replacement parts and accessories, is simple. We provide two central channels for purchasing: purchasing directly from us, or from one of many resellers across the US and around the world.

Factory Direct Sales

The easiest way to purchase any Visiport product is to purchase it directly from us. For factory direct pricing, you can order by email, by phone, or on our web store. We accept VISA and MasterCard for payment on email and phone orders (our shopping cart allows additional options), as well as Net 30 terms for qualified buyers. We also offer UPS and FedEx COD shipment services.

From an Authorized Reseller

We have a network of authorized resellers that spans the entire globe. This network is made up of a variety of types of resellers, including machine tool manufacturers, machine tool dealers, and accessory suppliers, to meet your specific needs.

We make every effort to help our resellers become fully educated on our product lines so they can assist you with evaluating your specific application requirements as well as product installation and support.

Replacement Parts

Discs, bearings, and mounting components are subject to wear and periodic replacement. Luckily, Visiport spin window systems are designed to be modular.

If you need a new disc due to wear from chip load in your machine tool, it is easily replaced, and does not require replacement of the entire system. Someone accidentally break the machine window glass? Contact us or your reseller for availability of replacement mounting plates and replacement machine tool safety windows.

We sell common replacement parts for all generations of electric and pneumatic spin window systems from stock or quickly available from back order.

Download our Spare Parts pricing if you are purchasing replacement parts directly from us. You can also contact your local reseller, especially if you are outside the United States or Canada.

Factory Pricing

New Systems New Systems Price List (PDF)

Spare Parts Spare Parts Price List (PDF)