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Safety Window Replacement

The constant bombardment of chips and metal working fluids put machine tool safety windows at high risk of degradation. Visiport offers full window replacement services for worn or damaged polycarbonate or multi-layer composite machine tool safety windows. All machine tool safety windows are designed to meet relevant CE Mark impact class requirements, currently the strictest in the world.

Visiport offers rapid turnaround on replacement polycarbonate, as well as multi-layer safety windows. We work directly with the manufacturer to bring you safety windows meeting the strictest safety standards, at a price point that makes replacement after an impact affordable.

Why risk operating with machine windows that are cracked, damaged, or abraded beyond usability? Send us your specifications, and let us take it from there. It's that easy.


The fastest way to get a quotation for your particular machine tool safety window requirement is to download our Intake Form.

If you need have any questions about safety windows or how to get a quotation, please contact us for assistance.

To accurately quote your replacement window, please supply us with a sketch of the window showing any features (radii, hole patterns, etc. ), and desired spin window location, if ordering the replacement window in conjunction with a pre-bonded unit. #

Window Replacement Information

For more information on how to maximize your operator's visibility and safety with affordable machine tool replacement windows manufactured to CE Impact Class requirements, please contact us!