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E220 Retrofit Kit

E220 Retrofit Kit

If your new machine did not come with a spin window system, or you are looking to add one to an existing machine in your facility, consider our Retrofit Kit.

Everything you need to hook up a Visiport spin window system: unit, mounting plate, switch box, conduit and cabling.

Package Includes

  • Standard Visiport Model E220.C E-Series Unit.
  • VHB Mounting Plate
  • Switch Assembly
  • Power Supply
  • Lapp Power Cabling, up to 5-m or 15-ft.
  • Standard Straight Flex Conduit Fittings.
  • Flex Conduit (Braided Steel Wire over PTFE), up to 2-m or 6-ft.


  • Installs on glass or polycarbonate machine tool windows.
  • No holes required in safety window for installation,
  • Does not require auxiliary compressed air line to run (optional feature).
  • One year limited warranty.
  • For questions, contact us!

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