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Factory Window Mounting

Premount Example Showing E220 DLC

We offer full factory window mounting services for all Visiport spin window systems. While you select options to purchase with a new spin window, there's no better time to consider replacing your worn polycarbonate or multi-layer safety window.

Get the most visibility out of your new system by having it installed to a brand new window, direct from the factory. Not only does replacing worn safety windows ensures the clearest and safest view possible from your new spin window, it is ideally done at the same time as the retrofit installations of the spin window system, as mounting is done outside of the machine and minimizes machine down time. We can bond the mounting plate of your new spin window to a new polycarbonate or multi-layer machine tool safety window here at our factory, saving you time and assuring a clean, strong bond.

For more information about replacing your existing worn or damaged safety windows, please visit our Window Replacement page for more details.

Rebonding Services

If you ever find the need to rebond your spin window system to a replacement safety window, we offer the following two quick and inexpensive rebonding services:

  • Factory rebonding. Send your unit back to us for 72 hour turnaround. We remove the old adhesive, clean and rebuild the unit, reapply a new bondset, and bench test the unit to ensure your unit is functioning optimally - all for a flat fee. Quick, easy, and hassle-free.
  • Replacement MPA or Bonding Kits. A replacement Mounting Plate assembly (MPA) comes with a replacement VHB adhesive bondset pre-applied to an aluminum sub-plate, ready for application in your facility, along with new o-rings and nylon coated screws to ensure your unit's coolant sealing features are at their optimum. For systems requiring direct bonding to the window substrate without the standard mounting plate approach, Visiport offers kits including bonding fixtures, adhesive, o-rings, coated fasteners, and silicone sealant for facilities capable of handling VHB successfully. Fixtures can also be rented for 30 days, with a purchase credit issued once the fixture is returned in good condition.

Mounting Information

For information on all the rebonding options that Visiport offers, please contact us!