Spin Window Systems

Visiport offers two lines of spin window solutions, each designed to match the specific needs of users with differing machining applications and environments.

The Visiport E-Series is equipped with high torque electric motors, ideal for the harshest machining environments where coolant flow is constant and chip bombardment is heavy.

For light to medium duty machining environments, with intermittent coolant spray and chip debris, the light weight pneumatic Visiport A-Series make a great fit.

No matter which spin window system you choose, all offer:

  • Easy Installation. Visiport spin windows can be mounted to any new machine window. Bond them to polycarbonate, multi-layered, or reinforced glass windows.
  • Full Visibility. No other solution offers as large a field of view as spin window systems. Retrofit a spin window to your new polycarbonate window to preserve your ability to see into the machine indefinitely. See what you've been missing.
  • Uncompromising Safety. With the device mounted completely inside the machine cabin and without holes required in the machine tool window, Visiport spin windows are the first truly safe spin window design for lathes.

Use the chart below to select the spin window system that's right for you. Don't see a Visiport spin window that fits your needs? Feel free to contact us at sales@visiport.com or your machine tool dealer for more details on customized solutions for your application.

ModelFormerlyOverall DiameterProfile HeightVertical HeightWeightGlass Thickness
E220.C VP220.C2 10" (253mm) 1.75" (45mm) 12.375" (315mm) 4.78 lb (2.2 kg) .120" (3mm)
E180.C VP180.C2 8" (203mm) 1.75" (45mm) 10.140" (258mm) 3.68 lb (1.7 kg) .120" (3mm)
A230 DiscAir DA230 10" (253mm) 1.74" (44mm) 11.75" (300mm) 3.9 lb (1.8 kg) .120" (3mm)
A175 DiscAir DA175T 8" (203mm) 1.75" (45mm) 9.3" (236mm) 1.6 lb (0.7kg) .079" (2mm)


In addition to manufacturing the world's #1 spin windows, Visiport also offers a number of related retrofit services. For new spin window installations we offer custom factory window mounting. We also offer full window replacement services for worn or damaged polycarbonate or composite machine tool safety windows that meet relevant CE Mark requirements, currently the strictest in the world.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

In the case that you ever need to replace any parts for your spin window, we offer a complete line of accessories and replacement parts. All Visiport spin windows have been designed for quick and easy replacement for the parts you'd expect to wear the most, all at an affordable price.