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Camera Mounting Kit, 220C635

Camera Mounting Kit

Do you want to acquire video from your existing Visiport spin window system?

Our 220C635 Camera Mounting Kit replaces the existing mounting plate on a standard VHB mounting plate installation with a thicker bracket designed to allow you to place a GoPro Session 4 or Session 5 video camera inside the protected area of the spin window.

Capture more than an hour of HD video from insde your machine tool and display it wirelessly to any sceen nearby, or to your Android or iOS devices.

Everything needed to retrofit your existing installed E220, VP220.C2, or VP220.C spin window system to install and use your GoPro Session 4 or Session 5 camera for $399.95 plus shipping.

Package Includes

  • Camera Mounting Bracket with VHB adhesive carrier
  • Replacement MPA O-Ring and nylon-coated screws
  • Does not include:
  • GoPro Session camera or optional remote control
  • (purchased separately)


  • Installs on glass or polycarbonate machine tool windows.
  • No holes required in safety window for installation,
  • One year limited warranty.
  • For questions, contact us!

Data Sheet

220C635 Camera Mounting Kit

YouTube Video

Video taken from E220 using 220C635 CMK