Video System Products

In order to provide the advantages of spin window technoplogy to video applications in the machine tool environment, Visiport is developing solutions for in-machine video systems. The first of these offerings is an accessory to allow the retrofit of commercially available extreme sports video cameras to be installed inside our flagship window-mounted electrical E-Series E200 Model.

The Visiport 220C635 Camera Mounting Kit replaces the standard 0.16" thick mounting plate attached to the machine window with a blue anodized 0.6" extended mounting plate that provides the extra z-height to accommodate the video camera.

Camera Mounting Kit

220C635 CMK Data Sheet

For machines where the profile height does not allow for a Camera Mount solution using our standard spin windows, Visiport is developing a HD quality, IP network video system for installation completely inside the machine enclosure, but independent from the need to affix it to the existing machine tool window. The new Condor platform will allow machine tool builders to take visibility in their machines to a new level, both in terms of operator safety and machine monitoring.